What makes Parexel FSP a great place to work?

Parexel FSP is a unique company. To help you gain a better understanding and appreciation of our employee experience, we’ve defined the characteristics that encompass what it means to work here — what sets Parexel FSP apart as a company and employer, and what that means to you as an employee:

Enjoy rewarding, meaningful work

Everything our employees do ultimately furthers the Company’s mission: “to advance the worldwide success of the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries in preventing and curing disease.” The work we do makes a life-changing difference for many patients around the world.

Make a real contribution

We rely on our employees to take ownership of their work and their responsibilities, question the status quo, and take the initiative to do things better, smarter, faster, more accurately. At Parexel FSP, innovation — and client satisfaction — are everyone’s job.

Capitalize on opportunities for personal and professional growth

Parexel FSP is a diverse, growing, global company where people excel. Our employees work in a fast-paced, creative environment where learning is a constant. Working at Parexel FSP, you’re exposed to a world of experiences and open doors.

Be an integral part of a collaborative team

Parexel FSP values communication and cooperation and recognizes the benefits of people with diverse talents working together. Our success — and that of our clients — depends on the synergy of teamwork, and the full contribution of every team member.

Get recognized and rewarded for excellence
Recognition is standard operating procedure. We know it’s important to receive ongoing validation that you are doing a good job. Our structured reward programs ensure that as a Parexel FSP employee you will have recognition opportunities all year round.
Embrace flexibility

Parexel FSP understands that, in today’s fast-paced, globally connected world, employees need to balance their jobs with their personal lives. We care about enabling work-life balance and offer a flexible approach that meets your personal needs while maintaining quality delivery. Depending on the role you choose, remote and hybrid working models are possible.


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