Your Career

If you join us you won’t get lost in the crowd, we are small and will support you to achieve your career goals.  We don’t have a defined career ladder by here are 5 reasons to join us;

  1. We are ambitious
  2. We are growing, there is opportunity to learn and grow with us
  3. We are passionate and truly focused on our customers
  4. We are a small company with a big mentality
  5. You are not a number you are part of the Company and your ideas matter

What is coming from a Growth perspective?

We are currently expanding in to Europe with our 42,000 square foot building in Germany, we will continue to expand in the USA later in 2020 or early 2021 and we will look to expand in to the China and Asia Pacific markets in the future too.

Please click on the link from MSDUK, being a Certified member with them they have written the following article on the new site in Germany