Clinical Trial Screening Physician – London – Entry level

You must have undertaken and completed either your undergraduate or post graduate training in the UK to be considered for this position.

The job specification below shows the breadth of work covered by the Research Physicians and Senior Research Physicians. The focus of an RP’s work is expected change with seniority. In general, the specification shown below is presented in a probable chronological order i.e. the focus of work progresses down the specification with seniority.

Role& Responsibilities

  • To perform physical examinations (check whether any special tests are required for the study they are screening for , such as groin lymph node examination or MMSE)
  • To assess ECGs:
  • To assess vital signs against the study-defined ranges (in particular, take note of whether the lower heart rate cut-off is 40 or 50 bpm)
  • To ask about medical history.
  • To check the pre-screening questionnaire
  • To ask about contraception
  • To update the electronic volunteer database (VDB) with findings from screening
  • To obtain informed consent from subjects prior to inclusion into a study.
  • To perform medical screening on healthy volunteers and patients including medical history taking, physical examination and review of laboratory reports according to the study protocols.
  • To liaise closely with the recruitment staff regarding screening status, drop outs, withdrawals, replacements, follow-up appointments etc.
  • To maintain detailed reports of all screened volunteers and communicate screening progress to relevant departments.

Clinical trials procedures

  • To be familiar with all current study protocols.
  • To maintain knowledge, understanding and practice of general medical practice and to maintain Advanced Life Support skills.
  • To ensure a safe discharge from the unit and to conduct follow-up examinations after completion of the study.
  • To keep up to date with all Research Unit activities through regular participation in study-related meetings in the unit.
  • To keep up to date with relevant ICH GCP issues and developments and to adhere to them at all times
  • To work to RPL Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), laws, guidelines and rules at all times.
  • To co-operate with the Training Department and the Quality Assurance and Monitoring Departments in the maintenance of records for the preparation of audits, inspections and other visits.
  • Ensure accurate and complete recording of data
  • To collaborate with the Quality Control (QC) and Data Management (DM) departments and external monitors to resolve data queries.

Working environment

This is an early phase clinical trials unit.

You will be involved in 3 main clinical areas: the screening/outpatient ward where you will be based and 2 ‘inpatient’ wards.

The screening doctor will consent a group of up to 6 volunteers for a particular study and then bring them out to the beds in the clinical bay.

The context within which we work is very different to healthcare and seemingly minor health issues could pose an issue for the quality of our trial data. Therefore, if a volunteer mentions any medical history or has any physical findings at all, you must report these to a Clinical Research Physician who will decide how to proceed.

At the end of the day when all screenings are complete you will need to update VDB.

This is an electronic method of keeping track of how many people have screened for particular studies and the suitability of each. The most important function in this tool for you is the ability to mark a volunteer down as needing a repeat (eg if a valid triplicate ECG was not gained or BMI needs to be rechecked).

Fluency in English, both oral and written, is essential. A good sense of humour and a team spirit would be very welcome.

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