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  • Things NOT to include in your CV

    30 Jan 2020

    Things NOT to include in your CV, when looking for a job in Pharma!

  • How to optimise your CV for a job in Pharma

    11 Nov 2019| Mike Wood

    Whilst you should already be making your CV great by clear formatting and great content, here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’re making the most of it for a job in Pharma. 

  • Boost Your Interview Chances by Optimising Your CV

    21 Mar 2019| Mike Wood

    A large proportion of major companies now use automated application filtering - so how can you get past the robot gatekeeper when you apply for a job?

  • 7 Common English Language Mistakes People Make on Their CV

    20 Mar 2019| Mike Wood

    Because English is such a complex language, it is fraught with traps that we can all fall into. With this list I hope to clear up at least a few of the confusing words we use every day. This is a list of some of the more common errors people make with English within their CV.

  • How to write a Covering Letter

    6 Feb 2019| Gwyneth Holland

    A great summary of points to remember when writing your job application covering letter.

  • How to write a better CV

    5 Feb 2019| Gwyneth Holland

    Ten simple points to remember when writing a great CV. Your CV is the first point of contact between you and a prospective new employer. It is unlikely that the reader will know anything about you except what’s in the CV – so try to see it from their perspective.

  • How do you stop recruiters throwing out your CV?

    2 Feb 2019| Mike Wood, Portal Business Manager & Editor,

    Recruiters are very busy people, and typically have little time to read and select CVs for any given role. For them it’s a filtering process, often starting with a pile of CV’s and throwing out the bad ones before reading in more detail, the ones that are left. Therefore your task is NOT to get thrown out with the bathwater, and ensure that your CV is one of the ones that makes it past the first cull!

  • Best Practice - CV File Names

    2 Feb 2019| Mike Wood, Portal Business Manager & Editor,

    Why waste an opportunity to promote your personal brand, follow these Best Practice tips to increase your chances of being selected for interview.