What Size Should Your CV Be?

Written by: Editor
Published on: 4 Mar 2021

What Size Should Your CV Be?There’s no agreed limit to the size of your resume. Whilst some say it should be no more than 2 pages, it really depends on the type of role you’re applying for and the amount of experience you have. For example, an entry-level candidate may find that one page is perfectly adequate, whilst a senior manager may need to stretch to 3 or 4. 

If you think you require more than 2 pages, think carefully about what you actually NEED to include. For example, if you’re an academic with lots of publications to list or a web designer with lots of links to your work, consider presenting these on a separate sheet or even on your own online portfolio. Also consider leaving off details about jobs you held years ago that don’t support your application, or only including the job title and employment dates.

If you think you require less than 2 pages, make sure to keep your resume clean, tidy and well-formatted. Don’t try to squash lots of information onto 1 or 2 pages for the sake of it, or use a smaller font to fit more in. Instead, leave lots of white space and include clear headings to help guide the person reading your CV through your key achievements.

Whether your CV is 1 or 4 pages, it should act as a teaser, leaving the recruiter or hiring manager wanting more, rather than a place for you to share your entire life story. After all, what will you have to talk about in your interview if your CV already says it all?