What is a Brag File?

Written by: Editor
Published on: 19 Mar 2021

A brag file is a file used to keep evidence of your key achievements, ready to share with prospective employers. During a job interview, it can be used to support the claims you make and to make the interview more memorable with the use of visual cues. It’s a really useful tool to have and can really make you stand out as a candidate. 

Whatever you decide to keep in your file, you should make sure it’s kept up-to-date, tidy and professional and that it showcases a broad range of your skills and experiences. It could contain any of the following:

  • Graphs that show an increase in sales due to your work
  • Screenshots of anything visual you’ve designed
  • Testimonials from previous clients
  • Certificates of training courses/education
  • Performance reviews (if they’re good!)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Awards

It’s a good idea to keep several copies of your brag file in case you decide to leave one at an interview for the interviewer to have a closer look at. You should also tailor your file for each role you apply for by taking out any irrelevant information, and by using tabs to mark the most important parts to make them easy to find in the moment. 

Even when you’re not actively job searching, you should be collating evidence for your brag file continuously, as it’s easy to forget things during the course of a year or more. Even if you’re not attending any interviews, your file could help you with things like internal reviews, appraisals and promotions, so it will always come in handy.

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