Using The STAR Method in Pharma Job Interviews

Written by: Lucy Walters
Published on: 9 Apr 2021

Using The STAR Method in Pharma Job InterviewsThe STAR method is often used to answer behavioural questions in job interviews. When used well, it will allow you to convey your key achievements and strengths as a candidate in a clear and structured way, giving your interviewer a really clear picture of your potential. STAR stands for:

Situation - What was the project you were working on or the challenge that you faced?

Task - What were your responsibilities in this situation? What were you asked to achieve or overcome?

Action - What steps did you take to complete the task?

Result - What was the outcome of your action?

If you often find yourself getting flustered in job interviews or forgetting key pieces of information due to nerves, practising answering questions using the STAR method is a great way of making sure you’re not missing anything out and that your answers have purpose and direction. It will also help to place your achievements into context, telling your interviewer exactly what they could expect from you if you were hired.