Toxys Appoints Susan Swarte as New Non-Executive Board Member

Written by: Nola Cadman
Published on: 14 Jul 2020

LEIDEN, The Netherlands, July 14, 2020 / B3C newswire / -- Toxys BV is a biotech company based in Leiden, The Netherlands, that provides innovative in vitro toxicity screening solutions to identify carcinogenic and other hazardous properties of compounds for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food industry. Today, Toxys announces the appointment of Susan Swarte as new non-executive member of the Board of Directors. Susan is a financial expert with long-standing experience in small and large companies. With strengthened leadership, Toxys will further accelerate business growth to become an industry-leader in animal-free chemical safety testing.

Susan Swarte (independent non-executive director) currently serves as CFO at Olympia Nederland since 2018. Prior to that, she held the position of CFO at Van Hessen Group, Nederlandse Staatsloterij and ReCor Medical Inc. She was CFO at the Leiden biotech company OctoPlus NV and supported the acquisition of the company by Dr. Reddy’s in 2012. Susan is a successful and driven financial expert who has served as a non-executive board member at multiple companies, including Generali NV, Heineken Netherlands and Newtricious. Susan holds a MSc degree in Business Economics from the Erasmus University and a RC degree from VU Amsterdam.

"I am pleased to welcome Susan to the Toxys Board," said CEO Giel Hendriks. “As financial expert, Toxys will benefit from the unique experience she offers and the enthusiasm she brings. Susan’s experience in growing life science companies and successfully supporting M&A transactions will be very valuable for Toxys’ future. Strengthening of the Board is an important step which will further enable the intended growth of Toxys”.

Susan Swarte commented: “I am impressed with the position that Toxys has established in providing in vitro toxicity screening solutions for customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food industry and I look forward to supporting Toxys to achieve their ambitions.”