Top Pharmaceutical and Life Science Events in November (2022)

Written by: Lucy Walters
Published on: 1 Nov 2022

Events in November 22Top Pharmaceutical and Life Science events taking place in November 2022, including Biotechnology, Clinical Research, Drug Discovery and Medical Device events.

2nd World Congress on Primary Healthcare and Medicare Summit (November 7th-9th)

Primary Healthcare 2022 is a three-day event filled with researchers and experts from the arena of healthcare. PHC 2022 helps to pave bridges and aids to maintain vital networks between researchers, practitioners, and representatives of healthcare organisations.

2nd International Conference on Nursing and Women’s Healthcare (November 7th-9th)

The three-day conference will focus majorly on obstacles and developments in the field of nursing and women’s healthcare. The congress includes plenary talk and keynote speeches from renowned scientists around the globe, oral and poster presentations by researchers and students.

Reuters Events: Pharma Marketing USA (November 8th-9th)

Reuters Events’ Pharma Marketing USA 2022 is where the future of the pharma customer experience is pioneered. It’s the one place that unites leadership from across the pharma marketing ecosystem, including Marketing, Digital, Analytics, Data, Commercial, and Brand roles.

Reuters Events: Pharma & Patient USA 2022 (November 8th-9th)

Deliver next-level patient experience with partnerships that illuminate patient voices, promote a cross-functional patient engagement strategy, and encourage informed patient journeys.

Emerging Non-Coding RNA Therapeutics Summit (November 8th-10th)

Expertise from new and emerging companies in this rapidly growing space will cover the identification, validation and development of nucleic acid targeting approaches of non-coding RNAs in broad range of diseases.

6th Antifibrotic Drug Development Summit (AFDD) (November 9th-11th)

Returning for the 6th year, the summit will host the transferrable insights you need from IPF, NASH, CKD and more in one place at one time, so you can advance the progress of your antifibrotic therapies.

Global Conference on Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research (November 14th-16th)

The conference provides an opportunity to network with key opinion leaders and service providers from around the world. Practicing physicians with clinical experience in a variety of treatment areas, as well as members of patient organizations, will be among the attendees.

Scholars World Congress on Cancer Research and Oncology (November 14th-16th)

The congress will focus on structural and mechanistic insights into dynamic complexes acting in DNA repair and its interface with replication, transcription, and other cancer-relevant transactions.

Scholars International Conference on Gynecology, Obstetrics & Women’s Health (November 14th-16th)

Devoted to the rapid development in Women’s Health, the conference will bring together distinguished experts, researchers, scientists, scholars, and young students from different cultures and different countries, providing them with the opportunity to report, share, and discuss scientific questions and achievements and this field.

The 16th Annual Pain Therapeutics Summit (November 14th-15th)

The US’s premier pain conference covering the field of pain research and therapeutics. Leaders from the biopharmaceutical industry, academia and government attend this conference to learn about the latest advances in the treatment of various types of pain.

31st International Conference on Paediatrics and Neonatology (November 14th-15th)

The conference aims to discover advances in health practice opportunities and challenges for the nursing community, management and education in relation to health disparities as well as a breadth of other topics.

21st Annual Pain Medicine Meeting (November 17th-19th)

ASRA Pain Medicine’s vision is to “Relieve the Global Burden of Pain,” and this event is intended to deliver on that goal. With an impressive list of faculty experts in chronic pain and neuromodulation from around the world, this meeting’s reach is intended to extend beyond the traditional three-day conference.

Pharma Partnering Summit (November 17th-18th)

The Pharma Partnering Summit is an exclusive Life Sciences Industry event, with the aim to help companies expand their network and put together licensing deals, research collaborations and financing.

2nd Annual HPAPI Forum 2022 (November 22nd-23rd)

Join the forum to learn the latest developments in this increasingly potent environment that made HPAPI become one of the most important growth drivers for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

4th Annual Gene Therapy Analytical Development Summit 2022 (November 28th-December 1st)

This year’s summit returns in-person to Boston to reunite 300+ analytical experts in innovative biotech, pharma and academia to continue to develop resilient, long-lasting and robust analytical tools to enhance the safety, quality and efficacy of gene therapy products.

Infectious and Chronic Diseases Conference (November 28th-29th)

This conference will provide up to date evidence-based information regarding the diagnosis, prevention and management of rare and emerging infectious diseases and its epidemiology on controlling the pandemics.

4th Inflammasome Therapeutics Summit (November 29th-December 1st)

The 4th Inflammasome Therapeutics Summit is the only industry-led forum uniting large pharma, biotechs, and academic KOLs, with the common goal of accelerating the practical translation and clinical development of inflammasome-targeted drugs, which are shaking up the immunology R&D landscape.

6th Obesity and NASH Drug Development Summit (November 29th-December 1st)

The summit is dedicated to reuniting industry leaders in metabolic syndrome to consolidate targets directly implicated in disease pathology and traverse the regulatory hurdles to commercialization.

3rd CRISPR 2.0 Summit (November 29th-December 1st)

The CRISPR 2.0 Summit is devoted to showcasing only the latest and greatest innovations by uncovering how the next generation of CRISPR tools are radically enhancing efficacy, minimizing off-target effects and enabling efficient tissue-specific delivery to help you progress your program into and through the clinic.

3rd Dry AMD Therapeutics Summit (November 30th-December 2nd)

Join 30+ expert speakers tackling the most critical roadblocks preventing your drugs getting to the patients who need them.