The Latest Features and News from PharmiWeb.Jobs

Written by: Lucy Walters
Published on: 7 Jun 2022

The Latest Features and News from PharmiWebIt’s been a busy few years at PharmiWeb as we continue our growth on a global scale. After establishing ourselves as a leading Life Science job board, we have been focused on developing our entire range of Talent Acquisition solutions, introducing new features and resources to help our clients continue to locate and engage the best talent in the industry.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our key milestones over the past few years, sharing insight into what we’ve been up to and what’s new on PharmiWeb.Jobs. 

Three New Affiliate Job Boards

After launching PharmiWeb.Jobs in 2019 and quickly establishing the site as Europe’s leading Life Science job board, we have now launched three new location-specific affiliate sites:

These new job boards provide jobseekers with a more targeted job search and make it easier for you to locate the best talent in your region. PharmiWeb is now growing on a truly global scale, and we have also updated our strapline to “Global Life Science Jobs” to reflect this.

Team Growth

Since 2019, we have welcomed on board 5 new team members to support our Business Development, Marketing, and Customer Success activities. Take a look at our full team profile to learn more about the entire PharmiWeb team.

Growing Jobseeker Database

More than 357,000 jobseekers are now using PharmiWeb.Jobs to find their next Life Science job. We have also surpassed 60,000 active CVs in our CV database, making it easier than ever for you to proactively search for the most relevant candidates and match them with your vacancies.

New Ongoing Webinar Series

We have begun a new series of monthly webinars addressing some of the key issues that HR and Talent Acquisition professionals should be focusing on in 2022. These webinars are designed to share insights and practical steps to overcome common recruitment challenges, helping you to continue to attract and engage the best talent in the industry.

Take a look at our upcoming webinar schedule here.

New Dedicated Recruiter Blog

We have created a new Recruiter Blog, bringing together the latest news from the Life Science industry as well as practical advice on hiring the best talent. You can subscribe to the blog for weekly updates here.

Updated Recruiter Services Portfolio

Our new Recruiter Services Information page brings together all our resources for Recruiters and Hiring Managers, including:

  • An overview of each of our services
  • The latest performance statistics for PharmiWeb.Jobs
  • A gallery of useful video guides addressing the latest challenges faced by recruiters as well as tips on how to use PharmiWeb
  • Links to our Recruiter Blog and webinar schedule

Whether you’ve been working with us for years, have used us in the past and are looking to work with us again, or are considering partnering with us now for the first time, this is the page to bookmark to stay up to date with what we’re up to.

New Recruiter User Onboarding Guide

We have created a new comprehensive guide for our Recruiter users, giving further insight into who we are, how we can help you, and how to fully utilise your account to ensure the best ROI for your organisation. The new guide includes:

  • Quick video guides
  • Useful articles
  • Sign in/job posting instructions
  • CV Database instructions
  • Additional service information

If you are a PharmiWeb.Jobs Recruiter account user and would like a copy of this guide, please email

New Relocation Landing Pages

After recognising the growing demand for overseas talent, we have introduced new solutions for recruiters advertising roles with relocation packages. We have created three new landing pages for your roles to be advertised on as well as a new Relocation newsletter. This takes your vacancies straight to jobseekers interested in relocating, saving you plenty of time when it comes to searching for talent in international job markets.

If you would like to advertise a relocation opportunity, please get in touch with us by emailing