The Benefits of Targeted Email Campaigns

Written by: Lucy Walters
Published on: 13 Aug 2021

The Benefits of Targeted Email CampaignsA targeted email is one that’s sent to a defined segment of a mailing list and is more specific to the needs of those in the segment than an email that’s sent to an entire list. For recruiters in the pharma industry, targeted email campaigns can be a really great way of reaching the most relevant candidates and of developing your employer brand right at the heart of your target audience.

According to WordStream, targeted emails have an open rate 14.32% higher than non-targeted emails, with a click-through rate that is on average 100.95% higher. These emails are a great opportunity to engage candidates in your organisation and to proactively take your vacancies and your brand straight to them, instead of waiting for them to find you.

In this article, we outline more of the key benefits of using targeted email campaigns in your recruitment strategies…

Reach More Candidates

Targeted emails provide you with additional space to get your vacancies seen. Not all candidates will have seen every single one of your job adverts, so it’s a great way of keeping them informed, increasing your candidate pool, and of making candidates in the industry as a whole aware of your brand.

PharmiWeb’s weekly email newsletter gives you the opportunity to feature your roles and promote your organisation to a global audience of over 141K. Sent to our registered candidate base, the newsletter includes the latest jobs, features, events and articles from the industry. This is a great way to keep candidates across the industry informed about your organisation and of increasing engagement with your organisation.  

Reach The Most Relevant Candidates

By targeting your emails towards the specific groups of candidates you’d like to focus on, you’ll ultimately receive more relevant applications, saving you time from having to filter out irrelevant and unqualified candidates, and allowing you to focus your time on finding the top talent instead.

PharmiWeb’s sector newsletters are a really effective way of reaching defined groups of relevant candidates. Segmented by specific disciplines or even countries, these newsletters allow you to promote your organisation and current vacancies right at the heart of your target audience. As well as featuring your jobs in these newsletters, you can also include a short feature article which usually appears at the top to really capture the attention of candidates.

Develop Your Employer Brand

You can use targeted email campaigns to tell candidates who you are as an organisation, beyond the information they’ve already seen about your current vacancies. Your employer brand is a huge part of the decisions candidates make when applying for and accepting roles, so it should be something you focus on developing throughout the entire recruitment process.

PharmiWeb’s dedicated newsletters give you the opportunity to further develop your employer brand. These are exclusive newsletters containing information only about your company and jobs and give you the space to promote yourself as an ‘Employer of choice.’ Unlike a job advert or description which tend to be aimed at telling candidates what they would be expected to do for you, dedicated newsletters give you the space to tell them what you can do for them, and the value you can add to their career development.

You can talk about anything including your recent projects, your current vacancies, what a career with you could look like, your company culture, or even just more about what you do and why you’re unique in the industry. Again, these are sent to candidates within the segments you want to target, ensuring you receive the most relevant applications.

Be Creative With Your Recruitment Strategies…

HubSpot reported that in 2020, 78% of marketers saw an increase in email engagement. Now is a really great time to be more creative and proactive in how you discover top talent, and to focus on really familiarising candidates across the pharma industry with your employer brand.

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