Terebellum, Ireland and UK-based Life Sciences Solutions Provider, Announces Appointments Following Expansion into New Markets

Written by: Editor
Published on: 27 Sep 2022

TerebellumDublin, Ireland- September 27, 2022 –Terebellum, subsidiary of AscellaHealth, a global specialty pharmacy and healthcare solutions organisation, has announced the appointment of two executive positions to drive its growth in the UK and EU.

A Vice President of Market Access & Commercialisation and a dedicated Regional Director join Ireland and UK-based Terebellum as it expands its international footprint to offer life sciences expertise throughout Europe.

Craig Caceci, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Terebellum, said: “Accelerated growth has prompted the need to attract additional business development and market access talent to expand our international footprint, as well as build upon our strategic market access, distribution and supply chain experience and expertise gained over the past ten years.”

Newly appointed Vice President of Market Access & Commercialisation, Floortje van Nooten PhD, brings with her almost 20 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. Floortje will lead Terebellum’s expansion into the UK and EU, collaborating with marketing leadership on value proposition and messaging strategy, while providing guidance and support on consultative sales strategies and the development of client solutions.

Prior to joining the business Floortje delivered market access value strategies and led the development of reimbursement and pricing strategies across Europe and in the US, as Head of Global Market Access at ProQR.

Floortje also led worldwide market access and pricing strategies and negotiations at Biocryst and Dompé, from product pre-launch through to post-launch, and led global market access and health economics and outcomes research strategies for Astellas.

Victoria Daet MBA also joins Terebellum, with a breadth of business development and sales experience across many countries including the UK, Singapore, Thailand and Japan.

As Regional Director, Victoria will identify opportunities within public and private healthcare organisations and develop commercialisation and go-to-market strategies for rare/orphan disease and gene/cell therapy pharmaceutical manufacturers in the EU and UK.

Prior to her appointment, Victoria was the product marketing lead for Singapore-based firm OMG Network, a fintech ICO unicorn, handling product and feature launches and the identification of leads to push into the business development pipeline.

In Japan, Victoria held both business development and executive marketing leadership roles driving sales and growth strategies for Slush, a world leading big-tech conference.

Along with the entire Terebellum leadership team, Floortje and Victoria will apply their broad industry expertise to provide strategic innovation and consultative market access support to pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare organisations.

Craig Caceci adds, “Our commitment to providing innovative solutions to life sciences companies which serve to improve medication access, reduce costs, and enhance clinical outcomes for patients with complex chronic conditions and rare diseases remains consistent.”

“The market-leading experience and expertise Floortje and Victoria bring to Terebellum will drive innovation and growth in the programmes, consultation and market access support provided to our partners across the UK and Europe.”

Terebellum’s services include pre-commercialisation and market access support, distribution and fulfilment, supply chain logistics, pharmaceutical financial solutions, and custom clinical and pull-through programmes.