Ten unbeatable reasons to explore a career with Oxford PharmaGenesis in 2022

Written by: Editor
Published on: 14 Jan 2022

Oxford Pharma GenesisIt’s a new year, and a time when many people reflect on whether their role is providing the opportunities, enjoyment and sense of purpose that they deserve. If this sounds familiar, and you are looking for something new, then a career with our award-winning company could be the next step for you.

Whether you’re interested in medical writing, digital development, event management or building relationships with clients, here are ten unbeatable reasons to explore a career with Oxford PharmaGenesis in 2022.

1. We prioritize your learning and development

At Oxford PharmaGenesis, we are passionate about your learning and development. We offer a wide range of facilitated learning programmes, on-the-job training and plenty of opportunities to learn from other colleagues across the company. Our aim is to help colleagues to feel supported, fulfilled and able to grow, whatever their role or career stage.

That’s why we continue to invest in new development opportunities. These include programmes on personal effectiveness; mentoring and leadership coaching; knowledge sharing across the company; and role-specific learning in client services, project management, writing and more.

2. Innovation is open to all our colleagues, across all aspects of our offering

Our clients come to us for new ideas to keep pace with the fast-moving pharma environment and with social and technological trends. We catalyse the creative thinking that they need through our internal innovation initiatives.

These initiatives are open to all colleagues from their first day with us; we believe that this exposure to diverse ideas is essential for both innovation and career development. Any colleague can suggest an innovation challenge that is meaningful to them beyond their day-to-day role and can explore aspects of healthcare, patient engagement, data science and other areas related to our wide range of professional interests.

Click on the image to listen to a recording of our Twitter Spaces discussion on innovation.

3. We're driving positive change in the communication of pharma-sponsored research

In 2020, many scientific publishers chose to make their COVID-19-related content open access. This helped to strengthen and accelerate the worldwide response to the disease. Just imagine the impact that open access could have in helping us to respond to other global healthcare challenges!

Facilitated by Oxford PharmaGenesis, Open Pharma is a multi-sponsor collaboration that takes a forward-looking approach. Open Pharma aims to improve the pharma publications model by connecting pharma with innovations in publishing to increase transparency and access to research outputs. Through Open Pharma, we carry out research into industry practices, working alongside senior clients and networking with other industry stakeholders.

4. We embrace new ways of working

The COVID-19 pandemic has proved that flexible and hybrid working can work for everyone. At Oxford PharmaGenesis, we’re embracing hybrid working not just as the ‘new normal’, but as a ‘better normal’. For many roles, a flexible working arrangement can help colleagues to improve their work–life balance, and can support their well-being.

Colleagues who feel trusted and empowered are more focused and productive, and remote-working opportunities help us to attract candidates from wider pools of talent.

5. Our award-winning virtual event series is paving the way for the future

Our triMS.online virtual event series connects a diverse global audience of healthcare professionals working in multiple sclerosis. Offering conferences, webcasts, infographics and more, triMS.online provides access to the latest research and creates an open forum to explore fresh ideas. It’s gaining fantastic momentum, and recently won the PMLiVE Communiqué Award 2021 for Excellence in Global Education Meetings/Stand-Alone Events.

The triMS.online initiative has enabled our team members to use their creativity to deliver a refreshing programme of events. Explore a career with us, and this could include you!

6. We are pioneering the application of artificial intelligence in our sector

Our company has been analysing and communicating data for more than 20 years. Over that time, data volume and the number of data sources have evolved and grown exponentially. We’ve embraced the world of artificial intelligence for harnessing the power of such data, and we have set up our own dedicated Informatics and Data Science Practice.

Our growing team has the experience to guide our clients through this dynamic and rapidly growing field, and to help our colleagues develop skills that will be essential for the healthcare communicators and analysts of the future.

7. Our digital development team builds tailored solutions

By having a Digital Development Team in-house, we can explore custom builds rather than relying on off-the-shelf products. With a deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry – and experience of other industries – our Digital Development Team builds innovative, compliant and reliable solutions that do not compromise on our clients’ needs.

We use a Research and Development approach with our content specialists, developing technical solutions that address broader unmet needs in the market. These products are immediately available to all clients, and showcase the scope that we provide our colleagues to explore new digital solutions.

8. We're a global consultancy with a small company feel

Although Oxford PharmaGenesis operates globally, our Local Management Teams (LMTs) address local challenges and opportunities, and enable rapid decision-making. Staying aligned with our company strategy and values, our individual offices worldwide are empowered to make decisions to meet the needs of their own colleagues and clients. Importantly, our colleagues know the people in their LMT – the people who make key decisions for their office.

LMTs also harness the power of the wider company, working closely together to marshal the collective resources of the business. We have strength in numbers, but the agility of a small company.

9. Our colleagues can take on Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications lead roles for our clients

Our colleagues enjoy using their expertise to support clients with everything from publications strategies to product life cycles. They can even step into a lead role for our clients, fully bridging the gap between consultancy and client.

As integrated members of client teams, our colleagues can help to drive the development and execution of strategy with clients, and work on a wide range of therapy areas and products. This ultimately allows for greater collaboration and transparent scientific exchange that helps to advance medical science and improve patient outcomes.

10. An appetite for change may be an opportunity to start something new

When one of our colleagues moved to London in 2011, she went on to set up our office there. When another colleague returned to Australia in 2017 to be closer to his family, he brought the company to the Asia-Pacific region. Our Cardiff and Cambridge offices have similar stories.

We welcome entrepreneurial people who share our values and want to grow themselves and our company.

Whatever your reasons for reflecting on your career in 2022, these are ten unbeatable reasons to explore a role with us.

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