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Ten Companies Supporting Decentralised Clinical Trials

Written by: Lucy Walters
Published on: 15 Jul 2021

Companies for Decentralised Clinical TrialsDecentralised clinical trials (DCTs) have become the new norm for many clinical research professionals since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. In a survey conducted by Informa Connect in May 2020, 76% of clinical research professionals said that the pandemic was already increasing DCT use in their workload, with 9 out of 10 respondents expecting this to continue in the long-term, even once the initial disruption from the pandemic was over.

One year later and DCTs are still proving to be an incredibly effective approach to clinical research, with the technologies involved continuously evolving. In the survey, patient centricity was identified as the biggest benefit of DCTs, with other benefits recognised including shorter trial timelines, more inclusive patient populations, reduced costs and real-time data.

Both large and small pharma companies across the globe are already seeing the rewards from DCTs, and this article lists 10 of these companies with proven success in this approach to clinical research.


PPD are a known leader in the DCT space. PPD® Digital works with research organisations globally to navigate upcoming trends in drug development and helps them to design and deploy customised, remote clinical trials.


Parexel offers both fully virtual and hybrid DCT solutions. They have offered solutions for over 160 DCTs and have experience in over 200 remote patient engagement strategies that have been incorporated into trials.

PRA Health Sciences

PRA are committed to bringing treatments to patients faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. They offer a range of DCT solutions including Wearables, eConsent, virtual visits and videotelephony.


IQVIA offer both hybrid and fully virtual models and have proved success in over 65 DCTs across 10 therapy areas and 40 countries. They have delivered DCT solutions for 5 of the top 10 pharma companies globally.


ICON deploys DCTs on a global basis across multiple therapeutic areas providing a range of services including eConsent, direct to patient contact, IRT and clinical supply management, in-home services, wearables and sensor management and remote monitoring.


Used by many global pharmaceutical companies such as Gilead, Curebase provides the services to execute highly decentralised trials. Their software technology and virtual staff enable recruitment and clinical data collection from almost anywhere.


A Virtual Research Organisation (VRO) launched in 2017 that is leveraging technological innovation to tackle inefficiencies in the trial process. They work on delivering seamless clinical trials by fusing together experienced clinical researchers and pioneering health technologists.


THREAD offer a range of DCT services including digital recruitment, patient engagement, eConsent, eCOA, telehealth virtual visits, site data capture, sensors and analytics. They work to make clinical trials more efficient, flexible, and inclusive.


Medidata are the first company to offer decentralising capabilities for both patient participation and study quality, and have decades of innovation behind them. Medidata’s Trial Dial™ helps organisations develop protocols to support fully virtual, fully site-based, and hybrid clinical studies.


The first end-to-end clinical research platform purpose-built for virtual, hybrid and direct-to-patient studies. Clinpal’s solutions also include long-term extension and registry studies, questionnaire studies and patient recruitment and engagement.


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