SaySo Medical redefines the way Healthcare Professionals and Pharmaceutical companies connect

Written by: Mike Wood
Published on: 8 Apr 2019

    The brainchild of industry expert, Dr Tim Cave, SaySo Medical is all set to redefine how healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies connect using digital channels with the aim of increasing knowledge sharing, improving relationships and building trust. 

    Having delivered hundreds of virtual meetings both large and small, Tim founded London-based SaySo Medical, the first business of its kind, to bridge the gap between two sides of the healthcare industry that he knows so well.

    SaySo Medical offers major pharmaceutical company clients a globally tried and tested virtual meeting model with customer engagement expertise drawn from medicines, vaccines, and consumer brands including BMW and Microsoft.   The business provides an end-to-end service that simplifies the delivery of virtual meetings, collects customer insights in real time, and increases healthcare professional reach and engagement. 

    The world of digital is changing how clinicians connect with information and with each other. With 70% of doctors set to be “digital natives” by 2020, the opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to connect more effectively through digital channels is immense.  

    Tim explains: “Just like the rest of us, doctors are on their mobiles a lot.  They want to stay up to date with information about disease and new treatment options, but time is often lacking as patient demands are increasing, they are overloaded with data, travel is increasingly costly, and language can often be a barrier.” 

    “Anything that makes it easy for them to gain access to medical experts, the latest opinions and study results is vital. That’s where we can help reconnect them virtually at a time and in a location of their choice”. 

    The SaySo Medical business premise is based on research that established that digital engagements can have far greater impact than the traditional medical representative’s visit and yet more than half of the pharmaceutical companies Tim spoke to weren’t doing anything, or, were only just starting to engage virtually. 

    Tim explains “A webinar in which a conference speaker broadcasts to an audience of remote individual healthcare practitioners has over 135 per cent of the impact of a representative’s visit and if you bring the audience together in face-to-face satellite rooms linked remotely to a conference speaker, then that can be up to five times as impactful as a medical representative.”

    “Having worked in pharma for many years, I know first-hand how stretched brand teams are and the challenges they face sharing relevant and engaging information through the right channels to truly engage healthcare professionals.  We help bridge the gap by providing flexible, expert capacity whilst building longer-term digital engagement capabilities.” Said Tim.