Priority Digital Health Appoints Mahtab Sobhani as Compliance Manager

Written by: Editor
Published on: 16 Aug 2022

Priority Digital HealthCAMBRIDGE, UK, 16 August, 2022 –– Priority Digital Health has appointed legal expert Mahtab Sobhani to the new role of compliance manager to oversee the company’s practices and ensure adherence to legislation. 

The new appointment is a significant level up in demonstrating the company’s longstanding commitment to quality, by bringing its legal counsel in-house. 

John Dibb, Joint CEO of Priority Digital Health, says: “We’re delighted Mahtab Sobhani is joining us here at Priority Digital Health. To have such a sharp legal mind right here on site is truly an asset, not just to Priority but also to our partners.

“It’s reassuring for our clients to know that Mahtab is walking right here amongst our growing team of digital health software and behaviour change specialists, keeping us not only compliant but on the front foot with regards legislation, at every stage of our products’ development.” 

The rapid pace of innovation in digital health brings with it significant legal, regulatory and policy challenges. Right now, the onus is on digital healthcare providers to ensure their products are, put simply, legal. And when it comes to patient data, legislation is rigorous – and rightly so. 

Mahtab Sobhani said: “When thinking about partnering with a digital healthcare solutions provider, clients need to trust that its commitment to compliance is more than just lip service; there’s no room for error when it comes to patient data ethics. That Priority Digital Health is putting legislation and regulation right at the heart of product development is commendable.”

Formed of highly agile digital health software and behaviour change specialists, Priority benefits from a wealth of experience in the design and management of NHS and public sector health and wellbeing services, websites and software solutions.

Priority Digital Health designs and delivers digital solutions to empower better self care, and better health service management of patients' health and wellbeing.

The team is fuelled by a shared passion for whole body wellness and the belief that prevention is better than cure. This holistic approach allows them to design and deliver leading edge digital healthcare products and services that are person-centric and in line with ever-changing digital trends and healthcare needs.

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