PM Society: Measuring Patient Engagement: Opening the Can of Worms!

Written by: Editor
Published on: 29 Sep 2022

PM Society

Wednesday 12th October, 1.00pm to 6.00pm

Royal Society of Medicine, London

Measuring the effectiveness of patient engagement initiatives is often a tricky task. What is a good outcome? How do I measure that? For how long? The list of questions is endless. The PM Society’s Patient Engagement Interest Group is bringing together industry experts to share insights on how to measure patient engagement, sharing real examples and discussing how to design measurement frameworks for patient engagement initiatives that you can implement into your own patient engagement strategies and tactics.

For one afternoon, at a steal of only £145 (for PM Society members), you can join us for debate and discussion with our top-class speakers, who include: 

  • Emma Sutcliffe, Global Patient Engagement expert
  • Nisa Khan, CSL Behring
  • Jalilah Gibson, PEN Partnership
  • Claire Mather, Dr Sagair Hussain, Chris Clarke, DEBRA
  • Rachel Addy, Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Jack Burton Graphite Digital

 Join us on 12th Oct at the RSM!

View our full agenda and book your place today.

The PM Society is a not-for-profit organisation that believes excellent healthcare communications leads to better outcomes for patients.

The PM Society has the following purpose:

  • Supporting organisations and people in healthcare
  • Recognising excellence and promoting best practice
  • Providing education and development

The PM Society was established over 40 years ago to serve the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and its service agencies. It currently has over 230 companies as members, including pharma and biotech companies on the industry side and PR, Advertising, Medical Communications, Digital and many other kinds of service company on the agency side.

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