PharmiWeb Advertising NHS COVID-19 Jobs for Free.

Written by: PharmiWeb Editor
Published on: 7 Apr 2020

At this challenging time, we at PharmiWeb are pleased to step forward and do our small part by helping the NHS recruit urgently needed staff for the battle against COVID-19.

Numerous vacancies have been highlighted by the NHS themselves as relating to COVID-19 in areas such as research, nursing, care, clinical, and healthcare.  PharmiWeb have agreed to advertise these jobs for free on behalf of the NHS, to help support the urgent recruitment drive. 

PharmiWeb's Mike Wood said "Although it's only a small gesture, I hope that by supporting the NHS in the tremendous work they are doing, we can help recruit just a few more individuals. Every single person recruited, might just help a little to relieve the pressure the NHS are under, or help another patient's care, or add a bit more resource to the research that's currently being undertaken." 

All our gratitude and appreciation truly does go out to all those working in the NHS and related services; not just to the front line staff, but all the support staff as well. 

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