Kallik joins life sciences organisation Medilink West Midlands as newest patron to help drive growth and collaboration in post-COVID times

Written by: Nola Cadman
Published on: 18 Sep 2020
  • Medilink brings life sciences companies, public sector groups and academia together for networking, collaboration and to stimulate innovation
  • Kallik patronage provides members with fast track access to industry-leading labelling and artwork management know-how
  • Links Kallik to a network of over 1,000 organisations representing all aspects of the life sciences sector in the region

9 September, 2020 – Kallik, a leading labelling and artwork management solution provider for regulated markets, has today announced it has joined the life sciences organisation Medilink West Midlands, an industry association dedicated to supporting growth of this key market sector throughout the region. The new agreement expands the existing Kallik patronage of Medilink East Midlands to the whole of the Midlands, and will provide close ties with members of over 1,700 life sciences organisations who need to deal with rising levels of document regulation to comply with health and safety requirements in increasingly regulated post-COVID times.

Medilink is a well-established industry association of over 18 years, bringing together a network of over 4,000 contacts in over 1,000 life sciences businesses, academic departments and public sector organisations. As the developer of the industry's leading end-to-end label management platform, Kallik can provide other members with extensive collaboration experience in labelling and compliance in this highly complex area, at a time of rapid growth and transformation.

“Medilink patronage is offered to prominent organisations making a valuable contribution to life sciences, including those keen to use their expertise to drive the sector forward,” says Richard Stone, CEO of Medilink West Midlands. “As a leading life sciences company based in the region, Kallik is a valuable addition to the Medilink West Midlands family.”

“This new agreement represents a deepening of our relationship with the Medilink membership base in the Midlands,” says Beth Peckover, Vice President, Global Delivery at Kallik. “Access to this ecosystem provides us with excellent opportunities to establish ties with other leading organisations as we look to add value to and enhance compliance of life sciences organisations in the Midlands and beyond.”

Medilink provides a valuable outlet for networking opportunities, knowledge sharing and collaboration through industry awards and events, webinars, news dissemination and thought leadership publication. Medilink also provides access to the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) Industry Innovation Gateway, a dedicated network for establishing partnerships geared towards tackling major life sciences challenges.

About Kallik
Kallik, the enterprise labelling company, provides regulated industries with a definitive, end-to-end label management platform they can trust. Medical device, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics companies use Kallik to deliver trust in their labelling, integrity in their process and confidence in their brand.

Kallik’s cloud-based labelling platform, Veraciti™, enables compliance and delivers supply chain efficiency for all the artwork and content assets that make up product packaging, labelling and instructions for use (IFUs). Kallik has offices in the UK and USA.

About Medilink West Midlands
Medilink West Midlands is the industry association for the Life Sciences & Medical Technology sector, whose aim is to help companies establish, develop and grow. Medilink WM is a founding member of Medilink UK, a national network supporting more than 3,000 companies across the entire UK.

Medilink WM is a membership-based representative body providing specialist support to boost the region’s economic output from life sciences and medical technology by overcoming barriers to growth. Medilink WM brings together the NHS, academia and industry.

Our network of more than 4,000 contacts in over 1,000 organisations represents all aspects of the sector, including government, regulators and other key stakeholders in the region in order to represent this industry.

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