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How to Write an Email That Will Get a Recruiter's Attention

Written by: Mike Wood
Published on: 27 Feb 2020

So you've seen the dream job advertised and you're about to email a company about it -  your cover email has one opportunity to make that all important first impression, so you need to make the best use of it.

Firstly, don't start with "Dear Sir" or "To whom it may concern," - do yourself a favour and do a little research. Find the recruiter's first name and address them personally. Everyone has a name!

Next, say where you saw the role advertised and say something about how excited you are by the opportunity. Don't come accross as desperate though, as this will have a negative effect.

Now list some reasons why you would be perfect for that role. Not too many as you don't want to bore them senseless, but list 2 or 3 things that about you that are relevant and will make the recruiter want to know more.  Make sure you're referring to the job, and don't just pick a few random things from your CV that YOU think are your most important attributes - make sure they are relevant to the job by thinking about how your skills or experience will help the company in this specific role.

Finally, ask if there's a good time to talk in more detail about the opportunity. This "call to action" shows you're professional and keen and also keeps the door open.

Sign off with a semi formal "Best Regards" and don't forget to attach your CV, and include your Mobile Number! 

Last but not least, research shows that your email is more likely to be opened first thing in the morning, so sent it at around 8:30 am