How to pass Personality Tests

Written by: Martin Gibbons
Published on: 6 Feb 2019

Personality tests are commonly at interviews to calculate your personality "Type". It is likely that you will be faced with one during your career.

Understanding about personality tests can be a big help should you have to face one and the best way to understand them is to do one. (You try one here for free. )

Your personality test results will reveal a range of things about you to a potential employer. Typically it will reveal your strengths, weaknesses and your preferred style of working and communicating.

To begin with you will usually be asked to complete a Forced Choice Questionnaire if it is a sophisticated system. This can be an awkward thing at first as often you want to select two answers equally but the system will not let you do so. Get familiar with this type of questionnaire and your next interview will be a little easier.

Personality profilers do not consider your education, qualifications or experience. They purely look at your personality.

It is not an exact science and potential employers often miss-use the system and depend upon it too much. Some people come across differently than they would imagine so it is important that you know how you are coming across. They are not perfect and they do get it wrong. Do not assume you know what your report says until you have tried a report and read the results.

An employer will delve into your perceived weaknesses according to the report, so it is better that you know what these may be and prepare some questions. Everyone has weaknesses in their report.

Do not try and cheat your results answer honestly. There are two reasons for this

  1. You do not know what type the employer is looking for
  2. You do not know how to reproduce this type

It is also possible for experienced profile analysers to tell if you are trying to trick the system.
Remember the best way to understand Personality profilers is to do one.