How to Make Your Life Sciences Recruitment Agency Stand Out

Written by: Lucy Walters
Published on: 22 Sep 2021

Make Your Recruitment Agency Stand OutIn the competitive Life Sciences job market, standing out as a recruitment agency can be tough. In this article, we outline 8 things you can do to make your name known in the industry, and to help you continue to attract the best talent for your clients and develop long-lasting relationships with employers across the Life Sciences field.

Immerse Yourself in the Industry

To stand out as a Life Sciences recruitment agency, you’ll need to be aware of the challenges, developments, and opportunities employers in the industry are experiencing. To do this, you’ll need to immerse yourself in the industry by growing your network with valuable connections, following industry news, or even attending events with your team. Staying on top of this will help you stand out as a specialist in your field, and means you’ll be able to give your clients valuable advice on top of helping to fill their roles.

Create Killer Job Adverts

To attract the best talent for your clients, you’ll need to create job adverts that engage candidates, and that tell them exactly what your client can do for them instead of just listing everything they need to be able to do for the company.

Read our article on job posting quick wins for more tips on making your job adverts stand out.

Be Proactive

The best candidates won’t always come to you. To grow your pool of high-quality candidates, you’ll need to be proactive in how you find them, and one way to do this is by making the most of services offered by niche job boards.

PharmiWeb’s Targeted Email Campaigns are a really effective way of promoting your agency right at the heart of your target audience, and of taking your vacancies directly to candidates actively searching for a role within a specific location or discipline.

Develop a Strong Employer Brand

This is key in attracting both high-quality candidates and clients whose values align with your own, and who you can develop long-term relationships with. To stand out as a specialist recruitment agency, you’ll need a brand that’s memorable, recognisable, and reputable.

Read our recent article on the importance of employer branding in life science recruitment for more tips on creating a strong online employer brand.

Eliminate Bias

Eliminating bias from your recruitment process will earn you a good reputation in the eyes of both candidates and clients. Consider using technology that hides personal information about candidates and instead allows them to be assessed purely on merit, perhaps by getting all candidates to answer the same set of questions in a screening round. Your agency is much more likely to stand out if you can prove that your methods are fair as well as effective.

Communicate With Candidates

Remember that your goal is to find the best talent for your clients, and you’re going to lose potentially high-quality candidates if you don’t communicate effectively with them. Whether you use an online portal that updates them on their application process for you, or you communicate with each of them personally via email, keep them updated throughout the process and in a timely manner.

One of the biggest things candidates complain about is not hearing back about jobs they’ve applied for. Even if they’re not a match for your client, let them know! That candidate might still be highly qualified for other roles, and you don’t want to lose them from your database.

If a candidate is successful, let them know as soon as possible that they’ve got the job – you don’t want to lose them to someone else!

Be Transparent

To stand out in the industry, you’ll need a client base that trusts you, comes back to you, and recommends you. Be honest about how you work, who you work with, and the types of roles you can realistically fill. Don’t promise to find the perfect candidate for a Clinical Research Associate position if you know your candidate pool is lacking in this area.

Follow Up With Your Clients

Once you’ve helped your client find the right candidate, don’t close off communication with them. Encourage them to keep you updated about the candidate’s progress to show that you genuinely care about whether they’re a good fit for the company. Gain as much feedback as you can from your clients to help continuously improve your agency, and to show employers that you care about improving the service you provide.


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