How to Make the Most of Facebook’s Mentorship Feature

Written by: Lucy Walters
Published on: 16 Jul 2021

Facebook’s Mentorship FeatureFacebook’s mentorship programme allows people looking for advice to connect with those who have the relevant knowledge and experience to share. When it comes to your job search, the programme is a great way of building relationships with people working within the pharma industry and in the roles you’re targeting with your job search. It can help you gain a more realistic overview of what these roles actually entail as well as a more in-depth understanding of what will be required from you, which will help you stand out in your job applications.

If you join a Facebook group that has the mentorship feature turned on, you’ll be able to sign up as a mentee and list the areas you’re looking for help in. You can then browse and choose a mentorship partner based on the interests and areas of expertise they listed when they signed up. Once you’ve found a good mentor, you can then communicate with them in Messenger which provides prompts to guide the conversation. 

Finding someone already working in the role you’re trying to secure to mentor you is a great way of finding out more about specific companies and pharma jobs beyond the information that’s given on job adverts. It’s a great way of putting your name out there, and of building up your confidence in communicating on a professional level.