How to Answer ‘Tell us About Yourself’

Written by: Lucy Walters
Published on: 3 Sep 2021

How to Answer ‘Tell us About Yourself’‘Tell us about yourself’ is one of the most commonly asked interview questions, and is one that a lot of people hate answering. Interviewers usually begin with this to help ease into the actual interview and to gain direction. When answered well, this question should help you tell the interviewer why you’re a strong candidate for the role, and why you stand out against other candidates.

To make sure you cover all bases, you could use the following structure when answering this question:

  • Present: Begin by telling the interviewer about your current role, including your level of responsibility, your progression within the company, and any recent projects or accomplishments you’re particularly proud of.
  • Past: Explain how you got to your current role, outlining relevant experiences and what you learnt along the way.
  • Present: Finish by telling the interviewer what you’re looking for next in your career and explain why this is the role for you; outlining what you can bring to it as well as why you’d fit in at the company. 

Remember that this is your first opportunity to create a strong impression, so practice answering this question before your interview, making sure to pick the most important and impressive parts of your skillset and experience to focus on. Be succinct, and don’t recite everything that’s on your CV!