Graham Snudden Joins the Veritas Intercontinental Board of Directors

Written by: Pharmiweb editor
Published on: 29 May 2020

Madrid, May 2020.- Graham Snudden, one of the great computer application entrepreneurs and innovators in genomic medicine, has joined the Veritas Intercontinental Board, to which he will contribute his extensive experience and vision in the field of new technologies applied to health and diagnostics.

Snudden was a co-founder of BlueGnome Ltd, a spin-out from the University of Cambridge, which pioneered in the use of microarrays in clinical molecular genetics, and was acquired in 2012 by Illumina Inc;a global leader in sequencing systems, to reinforce its global leadership in genetic diagnostics.

For over two years, Graham acted as Director of Igenomix, recently acquired by the EQT investment fund. He also manages a small portfolio of technology start ups which include Nonacus, a UK based company developer of liquid biopsy solutions.

The incorporation of Graham Snudden reinforces Veritas Intercontinental's growth strategy in the countries where it operates. It will also enable the company to expand the offer based on innovation, quality and reliability of its tests including genetic counseling, therefore developing the new concept of preventive health based on genomics.

In the words of Javier de Echevarría, CEO of Veritas Intercontinental, “We are proud to have the extensive experience of Graham Snudden on our Board, and we are sure that it will have a great impact in the process of consolidating Veritas Int. as the benchmark in preventive genomic medicine in Europe and Latin America. Graham is without a doubt one of the most relevant professionals in our sector”.

For his part, Mr. Snudden said, "It was clear from my previous clinical work with microarrays that we had only a primitive understanding of how genetics impacts disease. For this reason I am incredibly excited to join some long standing friends and colleagues at Veritas Intercontinental in order to improve the services that the latest approaches can offer to patients undergoing diagnosis and treatment while pioneering the societal benefits that predictive genetics promises to bring to the wider population."

About Veritas Intercontinental

Veritas Intercontinental operates in Europe, Latin America, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. Its mission is to promote whole genome sequencing and provide information to people, that empowers them to maximize their and their families' quality and duration of life, while changing the way the world views genetics.

Veritas was the first company to offer full-scale whole genome sequencing and interpretation, and with its physicians leads the field of genetics, pushing the boundaries of science using innovative technology, while reducing the cost of whole genome sequencing.

Veritas was founded in 2014 by leaders in genomics from Harvard Medical School and operates all around world from offices based in the United States, Europe and China. The company was recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the 50 Smartest Companies in 2016 and 2017, by Fast Company as one of the most innovative health companies in the world in 2018, and by CNBC as one of the Disruptor 50 companies in 2018 and 2019.

In 2018, a noted group of experts in genetics founded Veritas Intercontinental, expanding Veritas technology to the international market and developing new products, essential in personalized precision medicine.