Global recruitment entrepreneur launches new venture

Written by: David Spencer-Percival
Published on: 30 Sep 2020

Life Science PeopleThe coronavirus pandemic has catapulted us all into a future we never imagined or wanted to believe was possible. Beyond the devastating impact that this virus has had on society, with many lives lost, it has kick-started the worst recession in 300 years, disrupted our education system and wreaked havoc on the way we live, work and interact with one another.

To put it mildly, 2020 has been a year lacking in positive news. But there are signs of optimism and one place we can find hope is in the life sciences sector. With record investment in 2018/19 we’re now witnessing even greater potential for growth. 

The world is racing to find a vaccine and at the same time, healthcare is having to adapt to serve a radically different society, unlocking new opportunities in telemedicine and remote care. In the wake of this global health crisis, we’re also seeing greater investment to secure the future health of our global population, through innovations in health-tech and bio-tech.

So where there was latent opportunity in this sector for a business like mine, there is now a driving imperative to accommodate the pace of change and ensure the success of the sector as a whole.

In fact, there has never been a more critical time to fuel this sector with the experts who enable innovative concepts to be brought to life. 

Working across Pharma, Health Tech, Biotech, Medical Devices, we use our expertise to map and secure the highest calibre of talent and match them with thought leading companies which are facilitating global medical advances. 

That is why, despite the turbulence of this year, there has never been a better time to launch Life Science People, with a mission to make a tangible contribution to global health.

With such exponential growth resulting from an increase in financing and increasing demand in public health, unique skill sets are in high demand and the challenges this brings are great. 

The pace of change within the industry means that for many of the roles we are looking to fill, candidates don’t exist yet. Organisations are still coming to understand that the mix of skills they require in one role historically do not coincide in the same industries, for example, machine learning experts with technology backgrounds and scientists coming together to create one role which includes machine learning expertise with drug discovery in one. 

We are having to consult and guide companies through this new environment, hiring from industries with transferable skills that have previously never been looked to as a talent pool for the life science industry. 

This in turn has caused a significant impact on growth for some businesses which have been unable to secure vital roles for their scientific and technology programmes. We have been working closely with these organisations in order to ensure proactive recruitment is underway, identifying transferable skill sets and pipelining up and coming professionals. The first few sets of PhD Graduates with a PhD focused solely on Machine Learning are just starting to come out of academia, these profiles are the first in the market to have this type of academic experience.

Our role as recruiters is no longer simply ‘head-hunter’ - we are strategic advisors, offering guidance to clients to help them navigate the uncertainty which lays ahead. 

How we do this is through a collaborative approach when patterning with these organisations across their entire project life cycle, be that drug, device or data platform.

This is my ambition for Life Science People - to fuel this sector’s growth with the energy and momentum of brilliant people. This was always our ambition and the goal has not changed even though the playing field has.