Written by: Lucy Walters
Published on: 8 Jul 2021


CROPRIME is a full-service Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) located in the heart of England, providing clinical services from the pre-clinical stages all the way through to post-market surveillance. The company operates globally and has a strong presence in Europe, particularly in Poland, but also in Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. The company hopes to continue its expansion by taking their business to Far East countries, with a particular focus on expanding into the Japanese market.

Services and Specialties

The way a clinical study starts has a huge impact on the success or failure of that study, with a good start having an unbelievable impact on the outcome of a clinical trial. This message is at the forefront of what CROPRIME strives to achieve.

For pharmaceutical and biotech companies looking to begin a new study, CROPRIME can assess the study location, provide a detailed report about the area, and suggest the best options for study set-up, no matter where the clinical trial starts and what the indication of the study is. As part of this, the company uses unique systems to review and assess hospitals and Investigators in all possible locations across the globe, gathering information from almost all the countries where clinical trials are located.

CROPRIME also offers complex vendor selection and management services, which are also extremely important during the set-up stage. By helping to choose the right vendors and negotiating the best contract conditions, the company gives its clients confidence that third party collaborations supporting the trial’s lifecycle have been well organised. The collaboration models that CROPRIME focuses on are different for every client and are tailored to their individual trial needs, with the company digging deep into the study details, assessing multiple scenarios, and reviewing regulatory and ICH-GCP requirements to find the optimal solutions for each trial to produce the desired outcome.

How CROPRIME Has Evolved During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic created a lot of turbulence across the pharmaceutical industry, especially with regular trial monitoring activities being limited or prohibited due to pandemic restrictions.  CROPRIME adjusted to this huge shift in how trials are run by launching hybrid and fully virtual clinical trials and implementing fully virtual Investigator’s meetings, allowing clinical projects to continue without delays. The company is now thriving in this new virtual environment.

Opportunities at CROPRIME

If you would like to develop your career in clinical trials, get in touch with CROPRIME by completing their online form. The company looks for CRAs in the UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, and Italy.

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