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DSTC and InSilicoTrials partner up to innovate drug development

Written by: Editor
Published on: 11 Nov 2021

DSTC and InSilicoTrials partner up to innovate drug development  

The joint project will allow the Japan’s most unique CRO to leverage state-of-the-art technology provided by the European Life science tech company, and therefore bring preclinical safety assessment studies to the next level,  

as strongly encouraged by the regulatory 


Tokyo/Milan, 11 November 2021 – Japanese CRO, DSTC, who has been renowned for ion channel assay capabilities, and European Life science tech company InSilicoTrials just announced a partnership to bring to the Japanese pharmaceutical industry innovative services that leverage cutting-edge technology like Modeling and Simulation. 

DSTC and InSilicoTrials are going to put together their skills and strengths, pursuing innovation and digitalization, thus following the recommendations of regulatory bodies – such as FDA, EMA and PMDA – in order to significantly cut the cost and time-to-market of drug development, while increasing the safety of new medicines and reducing animal and human testing. 

DSTC has been a preclinical CRO serving the industry for more than 40 years. This privately owned company is well-known as a pioneer of hERG assay in Japan: it has a strong reputation in the field of ion channel assays and is the only CRO in Japan providing services that can thoroughly mimic CiPA protocols. Safety assessment studies include general toxicology, specific toxicology, genetic toxicology, safety pharmacology, and study methods alternative to the animal use. Among DSTC’s clients are many Japanese top pharmaceutical companies. 

InSilicoTrials is the first cloud-based platform that provides healthcare companies with easy-to-use tools to perform computational modeling and simulation in drug development. Simulation is a key factor to cut in vitro and in vivo test costs and shorten the go-to-market of new medicines. This enables pharmaceutical companies to free resources, do more reseach and therefore find a higher number of new molecules to treat more diseases. 

The partnership between InSilicoTrials and DSTC will bring a very complex and expensive technology like modeling and simulation to the Japanese life science market in a cost-effective and highly reliable way, with the objective of accelerating innovation and the uptake of in silico methods in drug development, for the benefit of thousands of patients. 

“We are thrilled to this opportunity between DSTC and InSilicoTrials. In Japan, the in silico services are still at the dawning stage, but we are confident that by partnering with InSilicoTrials, a company with an excellent track record and experiences in the EU and the U.S., our clients will be able to share their global knowledge and experience success in the future of digitalization”, says Hirohito Takahashi, CEO of DSTC. “Putting together InSilicoTrials’ expertise in modeling and simulation and ours in ion channel assay capabilities shall bring tremendous benefits to our shared customers”. 

“We are very excited at the opportunity of bringing in silico methods to the Japanese life science industry with a leader such as DSTC”, says Luca Emili, CEO and Fouder of InSilicoTrials. “Our partner has a reputation for offering the best and most reliable drug safety tests in Japan and we can help them increase reliability and safety by adding in silico methods to the standard practice, as encouraged by all regulatory agencies around the world. This will mean being able to better satisfy customers thanks to innovation”.