Written by: Pharmiweb editor
Published on: 21 Apr 2020

Oxford-based healthtech company Cognitant Group is expanding ahead of their new platform launch in Spring 2020. The new platform, Healthinote, will feature specialised health programmes from partners including the NHS, several pharmaceutical companies, and charitable organisations.

Cognitant will be adding three new members to their team: Emma Bishop, Head of Content; Fynn Nelder-Hunt, Software Developer; and John Vernon, Business Development Director. Bishop and Vernon both come from medical backgrounds, with Vernon having worked in global pharma, and Nelder-Hunt’s technological background will help develop Healthinote’s immersive content.

Cognitant Group provides immersive health information to patients via their smartphones, tablets or VR headsets in a bid to improve health literacy and tackle misinformation by making healthcare information more accessible.

Cognitant’s new hires show that they are poised for further growth in 2020 as Healthinote launches in the UK. Cognitant Group is focused on expanding their technical and content capabilities, and the company will continue promoting the need for clear information in healthcare.

Cognitant Group’s chief executive Dr Tim Ringrose commented, “2020 has already been a fantastic year for Cognitant Group as we get ready to launch our Healthinote platform very soon. We also have exciting projects lined up to improve the delivery of healthcare information around specific conditions. We are very excited to welcome Emma, Fynn, and Jon to the team, and are looking forward to our successes together!”