Published on: 8 Jul 2020

Oxford-based healthtech company Cognitant Group is continuing its expansion following the launch of the Healthinote app and its innovative smartphone-based Care Home Training programme with a new senior hire.

Alex Merckx is joining as Director of Marketing and Partnerships, overseeing the company’s growth across areas of healthcare as it develops communications solutions using a variety of innovative technologies, including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Merckx joins Cognitant from Wiley where she directed its Corporate Marketing Solutions team. Previous to this role, Merckx was Marketing Director and International Development Manager for M3.

Cognitant Group provides immersive health information to patients via smartphones, tablets or VR headsets in a bid to improve health literacy and tackle misinformation by making healthcare information more accessible. Their aim is to essentially improve outcomes of treatments and medications by ensuring communications and guidance are clear to all patients.

Alex Merckx, Director of Marketing and Partnerships at Cognitant, commented, “I am thrilled to be joining the Cognitant team and to be involved with cutting-edge innovation that is aiming to improve patient understanding and care. Cognitant is driven by an urgent need to provide technology solutions for an over-burdened healthcare service. We strongly believe that access to clear, clinically approved patient information will help people to better understand and manage their health. Of course, so far this year there has been a huge increase in the use of medical technology, so it’s an exciting time to be joining.”

Cognitant is poised for further growth in 2020 as Healthinote grows in popularity and they aim to tackle issues among UK care homes. Cognitant is focused on expanding its technical and content capabilities, and the company will continue to promote the need for clear information in healthcare, empowering people to make informed health decisions.

Cognitant Group’s chief executive Dr Tim Ringrose commented, “2020 has been a defining year for Cognitant and we are thrilled to welcome Alex to the team. She brings ideal expertise as we scale up both our team and our offering to support the dramatic move to virtual consultations across healthcare in the UK and internationally with information prescriptions.”

About Cognitant Group

Cognitant Group is an award-winning Health Technology company that delivers immersive health information to patients via their smartphones, tablets or VR headsets. This is more effective than traditional printed information and enables patients to better understand their health, their medical conditions and their medication.

The company’s platform, ‘Healthinote’ also allows doctors and nurses to recommend information to patients as ‘information prescriptions’. This easy to use system assists healthcare staff to make the most of their valuable consultation time and provides patients with confidence that they are viewing the most relevant information for their particular health needs.