Don't forget Business Cards!

Written by: Mike Wood
Published on: 13 Mar 2019

It's very easy to think that all recruitment and job hunting is done online these days, and while it might be true that there are huge numbers of jobs out there and opportunities to network online, job hunters, particularly new graduates, shouldn't forget about old school business cards.

When you are out and about, a few business cards can be a very useful weapon in your armoury, and although you might be able to swap email address' or contact details by phone, there is something very tangible about a piece of card with your contact details on it.

So here are a few benefits and suggestions:

  • You can carry it with you at all times
  • It can be part of your "Brand" 
  • Include your personal email address, mobile number 
  • Include links to your blog, portfolio, LinkedIn profile, twitter feed
  • You can include a photo
  • Include your mobile number and your personal "strap line" - your USP
  • Include a "job objective" (especially if you are a new graduate)
  • Use the back of your card for 3 or 4 "key achievements" or your main qualifications.
  • Use a clear professional design - get it professionally designed if you can (or get a more creative friend to do it) - a badly designed card can be useless.
  • Use a quality card - some are flimsy, some are substantial - you want to present yourself as "quality"
  • Always have them with you, keep some in the car too
  • Try not to let them get scruffy - so use a card holder
  • Business cards are rarely thrown away
  • When handing out a business card usually you will usually get one in return (great for graduate recruitment events)
  • Minimal investment
  • If you are changing careers or employer, your own "personal" business card can be more effective than your existing company one, and should include your personal contact details rather than your existing work ones. 
  • It’s not a resume replacement - so make sure yours is up to date