Candidate Attraction for Pharma Recruiters

Written by: Mike Wood
Published on: 17 Jul 2019

Attracting the right candidates to apply to your vacancies should be easy, right? 

The money's good, it's a great place to work, and with excellent career development opportunities. But nobody's applying - so what what are you doing wrong?

You need to put yourself in the shoes of the candidate. As a skilled candidate, I have many options. I can stay where I am, or I can look around for an opportunity to further my career. However, when I'm looking, my attention span is limited, so you need to get to the point and tell me what it is about your organisation and the job, that is worth me finding out more, or applying. 

It's about selling the "benefits". Please don't just cut and paste the job description, and assume everyone knows the good stuff about your organisation and the package. They won't. And if you don't tell them, they never will. 

So tell them about the culture, about the flexible working, about the great team events, about the charity work, about the great location. There's so much more to a job than the list of requirements and responsibilities. 

These are the things that good quality candidates are looking for. Get these right, and you'll see an increase in your application rates. 

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