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Average UK Clinical Research Salaries in 2022

Written by: Lucy Walters
Published on: 22 Jun 2022

Average UK Clinical Research Salaries in 2022Clinical Research in England alone is worth approximately £2.7 billion a year. In March 2021, the UK government published its vision aimed at propelling the UK Clinical Research industry into the future. 5 key themes underpin this vision:

  • Streamlined, efficient and innovative research
  • Clinical research embedded in the NHS
  • Patient-centred research
  • Research enabled by data and digital tools
  • A sustainable and supported research workforce

The government has also committed to increasing the share of GDP spent on Research and Development to 2.4% by 2027, and 3% by 2030, further demonstrating the country’s drive to maintain its reputation as one of the world’s leading countries for Clinical Research.

With all these plans for future development comes the demand for high-quality talent across the industry, reflected by the thousands of Clinical Research opportunities currently being advertised on job boards such as PharmiWeb.Jobs.

With the UK’s Clinical Research industry booming, and with the current job market becoming increasingly candidate-driven, 2022 is an excellent time to be considering a career move within or into Clinical Research.

Following on from our previous article outlining 10 Clinical Research career paths, we’ve used Indeed’s Salary Guide to put together this list of the average base salary in the UK for these 13 common Clinical Research roles:

Note that these salaries are taken from both industry and academia - and are very likely to be higher for pure industry roles.

Clinical Administrator: £21,058 per year

Clinical Trials Manager / Administrator: £30,422 per year

Clinical Research Associate: £33,951 per year

Senior Clinical Research Coordinator: £34,956 per year

Clinical Research Nurse: £34,960 per year

Clinical Research Scientist: £43,505 per year

Clinical Project Manager: £44,449 per year

Clinical Study Manager: £49,611 per year

Pharmacovigilance Manager: £51,389 per year

Biostatistician: £51,975 per year

Clinical Program Manager: £56,997 per year

Clinical Data Abstractor: £67,718 per year

Clinical Director: £71,364

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