Autolomous appoints Steven Binninger as Head of Process, Science and Technology to lead integration strategy

Written by: Editor
Published on: 7 Sep 2021

AutolomousLondon, UK, September 7, 2021 - Autolomous LTD, the market-leading developer of critical manufacturing management systems for cell and gene therapies, today announces the appointment of Steven Binninger as Head of Process, Science and Technology.

Autolomous has appointed Steven to lead the next phase of its integration strategy. This next phase involves leading and building strategic partnerships with a range of cell and gene therapy suppliers to build manufacturing verticals for specific product categories, such as CAR-T and TCR.

“Steven has built a wealth of process, science and technology knowledge and understanding throughout his career. This will be invaluable to Autolomous as it develops and aligns its customer acquisition and integration strategies,” said Alexander Seyf, CEO, Autolomous LTD. “We will continue to enhance the Autolomous team with key leaders from across the CGT industry able to contribute sector insights and key skills in developing critical manufacturing management systems for CGTs. This will be vital for the sector to manufacture and deliver its therapies to patients on a commercial scale.”

The first phase of Autolomous’ industry and technology integration strategy has now been completed. This initial phase involved building a network of relationships and integrations across the cell and gene therapy industry to demonstrate Autolomous’ technical capability. In this initial period, Autolomous built eight integrations within a 12-month period. These integrations addressed key concerns of CGT developers and used different integration technologies and methodologies.

In the second phase, Autolomous will be more strategic with its integrations. It will use its experience of integrating its technology within different therapeutic areas of the CGT sector to refine its technologies to specifically align to the needs of each CGT manufacturing vertical. This will considerably increase the value proposition of Autolomous’ AutoloMATE platform, consisting of eBMR, CLOCK and ASSIST across the cell and gene therapy sector.

To achieve this second phase, Steven has been selected by Autolomous, due to his experience of implementing manufacturing pathways in a variety of regulated environments including Europe, Asia and the Middle East. During his professional career, Steve has worked with over 100 cell and gene therapy developers on pre-clinical to commercial products ranging from CAR-T, TCR-NK, T-reg, CAR-Treg, CD34+, gene modified CD34+, MSC and hepatocytes. He has implemented manufacturing workflows in a variety of regulated environments: Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Steven was also the co-technical lead for the Fresenius Kabi LOVO cell processing system. He led the global deployment of the device for use in CGT clinical trials and commercial workflows.

“Cell and gene therapy developers have been actively working towards demonstrating safety and efficacy of personalised medicines. Regulators have been willing to advance these medicines at record breaking pace to meet a range of unmet needs. Now the hard work begins to build the digital framework supporting these therapies so that they can be delivered to patients at a larger scale,” said Steven Binninger, Head of Process, Science and Technology, Autolomous. “This includes the ability to access, incorporate and compile/trend data on manufacturing processes and outputs in real-time. Today there is a big gap in the digitization of CGT production processes. I have joined Autolomous to bring digitization to enable manufacturing data to play a more meaningful role in the delivery of personalized medicine. Autolomous’ AutoloMATE roadmap can fill in gaps that can enable CGT developers to gain more insight and understanding across the entire manufacturing chain.”

About Autolomous
Autolomous LTD is the market leading developer of critical manufacturing management systems for cell and gene therapies. Autolomous internationally deploys fully integrated, digitized and automated supply chain software solutions. These solutions utilize emerging technologies such as Distributed Ledger technology and Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure compliance with current and future regulatory requirements. As a result, Autolomous enables manufacturers to reduce costs and deliver cell and gene therapies to more patients.

Autolomous’ platform, AutoloMATE(TM) is a business critical robust digital solution increasing efficiency, scalability and process streamlining of the GMP manufacturing and product release of cell and gene therapies.         
Autolomous LTD is headquartered in London. The company was founded in 2019 by four professionals with combined experience covering fifty years in advanced therapies and medical practice and thirty-five years in technology, software and business.