Answer the Question: `Tell me About Yourself` - With Your Superpowers

Published on: 4 Nov 2019

Answer the Question: `Tell me About Yourself` - With Your Superpowers

Have you ever been in a job interview and been presented with the "Tell me about Yourself" question?

Well it's a hard question to answer without preparation, so lets find a way to help you identify your own superpowers  and how to use them!

Firstly, lets consider why interviewers ask the question in the first place - Well, it's an open ended question that can reveal quite a lot about you. How confident you are, how you can express yourself, what skills or attributes you have that you believe are important.

Identify Your Superpowers!

It may sound odd, you need to identify your superpowers, and the best way is to ask OTHERS by what they think about you. This works best with work colleagues, but failing that, good friends or your partner. Try and find at least two people and ask them to help you build a picture of your key skills. (they need to be honest). If you're talking to a work colleague, ask them what they notice about working with you,  what skills stand out when you've been working together, what makes you a valuable member of the team. 

You might find it's your problem solving skills, your team leadership or your attention to detail. It might be your knowledge of a particular industry, process or system. Hopefully there will be multiple things that make you a great person to work with, and a great person to have on a team. This sort of information comes better from your colleagues than from what you think about yourself!

Once you have a number of  superpowers identified, you need to elaborate with examples of how and when you've used them. For example, if a superpower has been highlighted as "problem solving skills"; think of a great example of when you've used that power.  If it's your "ability to motivate a team", come up with an example or two.

So now you have two or more superpowers. (three or four would be great) - The next thing you need to do write them down and practice talking about yourself. This may not come naturally, but the more you practice, the easier it will get. Try starting with something like "I'm often told that I have great attention to detail, and this came in useful recently when..." or  "Colleagues consider that I have... "

Once you've drafted up a response, try it with a friend, or failing that, record it on your phone and play it back. You need to build up your confidence, and the less you have to think about it in the heat of the moment, the easier it will be to answer the question - "Tell me about yourself"