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8 Reasons to Choose a Career in Clinical Research

Written by: Lucy Walters
Published on: 26 Oct 2022

8 Reasons to Work in Clinical ResearchThe global clinical trials market size is predicted to hit $84.43 billion by 2030, up from $48.4 billion in 2020. A huge amount of talent is needed to drive this growth, and Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) are having to work harder than ever to engage and retain this talent in a job market that remains highly competitive.

As well as an increasing number of opportunities available for jobseekers looking to enter Clinical Research, jobs in this field can be extremely rewarding, albeit challenging. There is huge potential for career development, as well as competitive salaries and job packages on offer for the right candidates.  

For those looking for their first entry-level role, and those looking to transition into Clinical Research from a related field, we’ve rounded up 8 benefits of working in Clinical Research and being a part of this booming industry…

Make a Real Difference

Working in Clinical Research gives you a unique opportunity to make a real difference to people’s lives. You’ll be working towards not only saving lives but improving the quality of life for people across the globe, and this makes a career in this field extremely rewarding.

Large CROs work across a broad range of therapeutic areas, from infectious diseases to rare and orphan diseases. This allows for ample opportunity to work on a variety of drugs and devices across the industry, making a difference in more areas than one, and serving patients across the board.

Expand Your Professional Network

Roles within Clinical Research require a lot of collaboration between different groups of stakeholders, including patients, physicians, researchers, site investigators, ethics committees, and more.

A career within this field will allow you to utilise your scientific expertise whilst also getting you away from laboratories to meet new people at research sites across the country. This provides an excellent opportunity to grow your network beyond your direct colleagues. 

Enhance Your Learning and Development

There is plenty to learn within this dynamic industry. No two studies you work on will be the same, and with the digitalization of clinical trials expected to accelerate rapidly over the coming years, there will always be a new skill or new technology to conquer.

As Clinical Research is highly collaborative, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to develop both your soft and hard skills, helping you to become a well-rounded professional. Work in Clinical Research is also extremely varied, meaning you’ll develop a broad range of skills through continuous learning.

Transition Into the Industry Through an Entry Level or Graduate Career Pathway

Many CROs invest heavily in developing early talent and provide plenty of support to those taking their first steps in the industry. ICON offer plenty of entry level and graduate opportunities, including their CRA Graduate and CRA Bridge programmes. Whether you’re looking for your first ever full-time role or are looking to transition into Clinical Research from a similar field, there is support in place to help you kickstart your Clinical Research career.

Discover New Areas

Some roles, such as that of a Clinical Research Associate (CRA), require you to travel between numerous trial sites, sometimes both nationally and internationally. Although you’ll be travelling for work, you may get to do some exploring during your down time. It can be tiring work, but enjoyable for those who don’t want to be in an office full-time.

Earn a Competitive Salary and Benefits Package

Starting salaries in Clinical Research can be very competitive, with plenty of room for progression towards high paying roles. Many companies in the industry will also offer a range of healthcare benefits; including things such as private healthcare, dental care, and vision care, saving you money whilst helping you to look after your health.

Find Stability and Job Security

Although you can never fully predict what’s around the corner, for the most part, working in Clinical Research provides you with excellent job security. The work of pharmaceutical companies will never stop, especially with technological advances making way for new, innovative treatments to previously thought incurable illnesses. There are still so many illnesses and diseases out there to be cured, and many still yet to be diagnosed.

Be Part of a Booming Industry

Countries such as the United Kingdom are investing heavily in the development of their life science industries. In 2021, the UK government announced a 10-year strategy to help the country solve some of the biggest healthcare problems of our generation. As part of this, more funding will be given to running innovative clinical trials to develop breakthrough products and treatments, and to ultimately save more lives across the globe.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders across the globe are eager to do more to protect the health and overall stability of their countries, and greater investment in Clinical Research is set to pay a huge part in this.

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*Article updated March 2024.