7 Benefits of Using a Niche Job Board to Fill your Pharma Vacancies

Written by: Lucy Walters
Published on: 7 Sep 2021

7 Benefits of Using a Niche Job BoardAccording to LinkedIn, around 60% of job seekers use job boards to search for new roles, making it one of the biggest channels for job hunting. Although job boards provide a great opportunity for you to push your roles to candidates outside of your organisation’s network and to engage large volumes of candidates across multiple platforms, larger boards aren’t always the best way to attract high-quality candidates. This is where niche job boards come in…

As niche job boards are typically industry-focused, they allow you to target your job ads towards the most relevant and qualified candidates in your sector. They can offer your organisation much more value than simply giving you a space to put your job ads. They can help you better understand your audience, develop your employer brand, and give you the space to establish yourself as an employer of choice.

In this article, we look at some of the main benefits of using a niche job board to post your current pharma vacancies, whether you’ve been recruiting for years or are just getting started.

Smaller Candidate Pools with High-Quality Candidates

When it comes to niche job boards, quality comes before quantity. It’s not about getting the high volumes of traffic that larger job boards attract, but rather about reaching the most relevant, qualified candidates in the industry. As niche boards generally provide smaller candidate pools, they automatically provide an initial round of filtering, allowing you to focus your time and energy only on the applications that are relevant to you and the pharma industry.

Staff Who Understand Your Market

The people behind niche job boards will have a good understanding of the market you’re hiring in. They’re often familiar with industry news and trends, competition, current hiring trends and challenges, and the types of roles that work best on their boards. By having a more in-depth understanding of the pharma job market, these people will be able to advise you on your recruitment strategies as well as giving you the space to recruit, which isn’t something you always get with larger boards.

More Visibility

By only focusing on specific industries or professions, niche boards inadvertently have less companies hiring on them, and this is another big advantage for recruiters. On large boards with thousands of actively hiring companies, it can be tough to be seen amongst the noise, especially if your organisation doesn’t have the budget to compete for space at the top of search results with huge, global companies.

Niche boards make it easier for your target audience to discover your organisation, so instead of spending lots of time and money on just trying to be seen, you can use your resources to develop your employer branding and really appeal to your target audience in a much quieter space.

More Control Over Your Postings

With less competition from other hiring companies, it’s often easier to communicate with the people behind niche boards and to have a say in how your job ads are viewed and shared. Instead of simply paying for a posting and losing track of where and how it’s being seen, you may get to have an input into how it’s promoted and distributed to candidates, and which candidates are being targeted. Not only does this mean you have more control over your job postings, but it also means you’ll have a deeper insight into what is and isn’t working in terms of your recruitment strategies to help you develop in the future.

More Opportunities to Develop Your Employer Branding

With niche boards being a lot less busy than larger job boards, they provide ample opportunity to develop your employer branding and present yourself as an employer of choice. PharmiWeb’s Employer Branded Careers Hubs are a great example of this, as they give you the space to shout about your news, awards and achievements, values and goals and company culture as well as your current vacancies. By giving you a stronger online presence, these can really help you to stand out in the pharma job market and attract the best talent.

Account Management

Many niche job boards offer more proactive account management to help you get the most out of their services and get the best ROI for your organisation. They are on hand to help you develop your employer brand, choose the right job titles for your adverts, push your roles to the right audience, and help you compete with other recruiters within your niche. Staff know your names and have the time to understand your recruitment needs and are there to help whether you’ve been recruiting for years or are just getting started.

Targeted and Insightful Advice

Whilst some recruitment tips can be applied to every industry, niche job boards often give you access to industry-specific tips and tricks to help you hire in your sector. PharmiWeb’s Recruiter Blog gives you the space to learn about general recruitment practices as well as tips on how to hire effectively within the Life Sciences, keeping up with the latest hiring trends and challenges.

Remember That Quality Often Beats Quantity…

Niche job boards are a really effective way of engaging the most relevant candidates and of receiving high-quality applications. At a time where competition within the pharma job market is on the rise, your time is precious, and should be spent on candidates who can really bring value to your organisation.

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