3 Things That Can Kill You Chances of Getting Past the Job Interview

Written by: Mike Wood
Published on: 6 Nov 2019

Getting to the interview stage is hard. So you need to do all you can to minimise your chances of NOT getting the job! 

Here are three things can be a real "red flag" to employers - just make sure you're not doing any of them.

1. Not Listening

The same as failing to read the job details, or not providing the employer with the information they asked for; not listening during an interview can kill your chances of getting through the interview successfully. If you're asked something, and you're not sure what they are getting at, rather than answering what you think they might be asking - ask for clarification. This makes you look organised, professional and capable of understanding instructions. 

2. Not Being Professional

Prior to the interview, you can bet that your potential employer is going to look at your social media presence. So clearly you need to make sure what you say, and how you appear on social media, reflects how you want to be seen from a professional standpoint. This includes what you post as well as your profiles and photos. 

Also, keep in mind that at least some communication between you and the potential employer is likely be by email, so make sure you have an email address that is professional. A cute Hotmail email address that you registered in 1999 may have  sounded great at the time, but forget it now. A good Gmail account is perfect, but consider registering a personal domain and setting up an email on that. I suggest that you even have an email address that you use specifically for job applications. Who sounds more professional: roadkill1999@ or mike@ .

Remember also that your email address will appear on your CV, so dont forget to update that too.

At the interview, being professional also extends to dressing appropriately, and behaving curtiously. 

3. Bad Mouthing People

No matter what you think of your current/previous employer or boss, never bad mouth them in the interview. It makes you sound bitter or at the very least, someone who is hard to please. You may also receive a counter offer from your existing employer, so don't burn any bridges - keep your thoughts to yourself.

These 3 things are under your control. So if you stick to them, you will improve your changes of landing that job. Or at least reducing the chances of NOT getting it. Good luck!