17 Online Interviewing Platforms To Use in 2021

Written by: Lucy Walters
Published on: 5 Aug 2021

17 Online Interviewing Platforms in 2021Online interviewing platforms are becoming more important in 2021 than ever before, and pharma companies including Novo Nordisk, Novartis and Takeda are already making the most of them.

In this article, we outline 17 online interviewing platforms for both on-demand applicant screening and live interviewing for you to consider, drawing on the unique features each has to offer…


Retorio is an AI video interviewing platform that helps you find the talent that is most suited to your company. After assessing each candidate’s soft skills and personality, a behavioural personality profile is created for your candidates to inform you of how well they match your company culture, team, and tasks.

Recruiter.com Video

Recruiter.com Video is an alternative solution for telephone screening and first-round interviews. Candidates record themselves answering questions you’ve either chosen or created yourself, making it easier to see their personality as well as the skills they’ve written down on their CV.


VidCruiter provides solutions for both on-demand screening and live interviews. Key features of the live interviewing platform include built-in, structured, and fair rating guides to help eliminate bias, and automatic interview scheduling.

Modern Hire

Modern Hire makes pre-employment screening simpler with automated, on-demand text and pre-recorded phone interviews. This platform allows you to personalise the on-demand interview experience, and assesses candidates using dynamically generated, job-specific behavioural, follow-up, and competency-based questions.

Spark Hire

Spark Hire’s one-way video interviews allow you to create text or video-based questions, limit thinking time, control the number of allotted takes, and restrict the maximum length of answers. You can also conduct live interviews from your web browser, brand your interviews to engage candidates throughout the process, rate, comment, and tag interviews, and manage rejection emails.


Jobvite’s talent acquisition software helps to attract, engage, hire, and retain talent. This platform offers an on-demand video screening tool which aims to build consistency in the screening process and is the only video screening solution built directly into an ATS.


myInterview uses purpose-built machine learning algorithms to scan each one-way interview to identify the candidates most suited to what you’re looking for. Videos are analysed for soft skills, personality traits and keywords to find candidates who match your company profile, and the most relevant candidates are automatically shortlisted free from bias.


iMocha offers more than 2,000 skills assessments that have been benchmarked by industry experts and built with AI-powered proctoring measures for thorough cheating prevention. They also provide video-based questions and face-to-face interviewing and allow you to hire collaboratively with other hiring managers.


HireVue offers conversational AI, video interviewing, skills assessments, and automated interview scheduling all in one place. Built with ATS integration, this platform provides structured interviews with questions, templates, and evaluation guides for jobs at all levels, as well as live video interview software.


Willo is a virtual interview platform used by start-ups and scale-ups and can be integrated with over 3,000 apps. The platform allows you to collaborate with team members, interview straight from your browser, and add your brand to give a consistent and familiar experience for every candidate.


Brazen offers virtual hiring events to allow recruiters and hiring managers to engage with multiple candidates during a specified time, all in one place. You can customise the event with your branding, give candidates resources about your organisation, broadcast live video to all attendees, create separate event booths per open position, and connect with each candidate one-on-one.


RecRight allows you to record your interview questions and review candidates’ replies in your own time. It also offers a built in ATS so you can publish jobs, receive applications, collaborate with colleagues, and screen candidates all in one place.


XOR offers unique text recruitment campaigns and candidate screening which can be automated from job boards and advertising platforms such as social media sites and careers pages.


Harver is a pre-employment assessment platform used for hiring at scale. It offers an intelligent way to evaluate and automate all aspects of candidate screening and selection, whilst fighting unconscious bias.


Outmatch enables recruiters to create an efficient on-brand candidate experience with skills assessments, video interviewing, and reference checking. Focused on delivering a personalised hiring experience, Outmatch aims to humanise the hiring process.


Avature offers live and on-demand interviews and is already used by pharma companies Novo Nordisk, Novartis, Takeda, and AbbVie. The platform allows you to compare candidates’ responses to identify the top talent and ultimately make the best hiring decisions.


Hireflix provides a platform for one-way video interviews which can be built with text or video questions. Hireflix make it easy to review and share video responses and integrate their platform with your ATS.

Remember that the way you hire reflects your employer brand…

Whichever platform you decide to use for online screening and interviewing, remember that the way you hire is a reflection on who you are as an employer. These platforms also give you the opportunity to familiarise candidates with your brand and to stand out amongst competitors using similar platforms, so don’t waste the opportunity to make your online interviewing process a positive reflection on your company culture.

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